Promo Mechanics:

        1. The TikTok challenge will run from Aug 1, 2022 to Aug 28, 2022
        2. The challenge contest is open to all Philippine residents aged 13* years old and above.
        3. Participants must create and upload a video entry on TikTok that highlights their talent and Pinoy pride using the official Galing DITO song Categories are as follows:
          1. Singer or Rappers (any part of Galing DITO song)
          2. Dancers (using the official Galing DITO steps)
          3. Musicians (using the official Galing DITO song)
        4. One uploaded video constitutes one (1) valid entry. A participant may submit multiple entries but they’re only allowed to win once.
        5. For the participant’s video to successfully qualify for the contest, it should meet the following criteria:
            1. Use the hashtag #GalingDITO and indicate where you are from in the caption (“galing ”).
              1. Sample Caption: Kami ang @juandelacruz galing Cebu at ito ang #GalingDITO TikTok Challenge entry namin!
            2. Tag and follow @DITOphofficial account on TikTok
            3. Use the official Galing DITO song uploaded by DITO Telecommunity
            4. Participants are encouraged to use the Galing DITO elements from the downloadables section at the bottom of the home page of the microsite:
        6. Start of entry submission is on August 01, 2022.
        7. Deadline of entry submission is at 11:59pm on August 28, 2022.
        8. Judging will be held on August 29, 2022.
        9. Winner announcement will be on September 3, 2022.


          Content Creator Kit

          Winners will be chosen based on the following criteria:


          • Concept, TikTok video editing, and overall quality of video entry
          • Originality and uniqueness in the performance
          • Encapsulating the theme of “Ipakita ang galing saan man galing
            • IPAKITA ANG GALING (showcasing your unique talent and skills)
            • SAAN MAN GALING (showcasing pride of place including local culture, dialects, and beauty of your hometown’s scenery
          • Audience appeal and entertainment value

          TikTok Video Number of Views & Engagement

          • Real-time TikTok video views garnered within the entry period
          • Engagements (comments, likes, and shares) garnered within the entry period
          • Potential virality of the TikTok entry

          #BrandLove for DITO

          • Use of DITO’s brand colors
          • Use of Galing DITO Content Creator Kit
          • Embodies DITO’s core values of being Filipino-first, disruptive, real, simple, and digital-first
    Names of the winners will be announced via the following official DITO channels only:
    • TikTok
    • Facebook
    • Twitter

    The following prizes will be given away based on the number of likes received on TikTok
    1st place: P100,000 1
    2nd place: P50,000 1
    3rd place: P25,000 1
    Consolation Prizes: DITO Special Kit 10

    DITO Telecommunity shall shoulder the expense for the tax liabilities and other expenses that may be incurred in relation to the prize.

    Claiming of Prizes
    1st place: P100,000 2nd place: P50,000 3rd place: P25,000 DITO will follow the winner’s TikTok profile and will coordinate via DITO’s Official TikTok Account. Winners must present a valid ID as proof of identification and notification message to be able to claim the prize. DITO and its remittance partner reserve the right to refuse delivery due to non-compliance. Minors who win may only claim their prizes through their parents or legal guardian.
    DITO Special Kit DITO will follow the winners TikTok profile and will reach out through its Official TikTok account to claim his/her prize. Prizes will be delivered via courier to the mailing address provided by the winners. Winners must present a valid ID as proof of identification upon delivery of the merchandise. DITO and its logistics partner reserves the right to refuse delivery due to non-compliance. Minors who win may only claim their prizes through their parents or legal guardian.
    Winners have sixty (60) days to claim the prize from receipt of notification.
*Note: Privacy Policy for Younger Users


  1. By participating in this Contest, participants agree to be bound by the Terms & Conditions contained herein. Failure to comply with the said terms, conditions, rules, regulations, instructions, or methods will result in the participant’s disqualification.
  2. By officially registering their entry on the #GalingDITO challenge, the participant gives their consent that their video/s and/or photo/s can be used for marketing purposes for this campaign. This includes using the photos of their entries for marketing materials for this promo.
  3. Video must:
    1. Not display or promote any competitors' branding nor promote other non-affiliated brands.
    2. hould have original video or images used and usage of stock image/footages are not allowed.
  4. Employees of DITO Telecommunity, service providers and employees/staff of its advertising agencies including their relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from joining the contest.
  5. Upon joining the contest, participants explicitly authorize DITO Telecommunity to process personal information and sensitive personal information in the performance of the promotion (naming of winners and awarding of prizes). Participants agreed and acknowledged that he or she has completely read and understood the contest mechanics and attached terms and conditions. For more information, visit DITO’s Privacy Policy in You may reach DITO’s data protection officer at
  6. For any concerns and/or inquiries regarding the contest may be sent to All matters and disputes will be subject to the final decision of DITO Telecommunity. All decisions made by DITO Telecommunity pertaining to the contest will be deemed final and irrevocable.